Building Ozone Systems Since 1954

Ozocan Corporation has been supplying complete ozone generating systems since 1954. Ozocan generators have been used primarily for bottled water, municipal drinking water plants, waste water, odor reduction applications and cooling tower water.  Ozocan has also supplied ozone to laminating plants to speed up the application of PE (polyethylene) to paper.  Ozocan laboratory facilities provide determination of ozone demand and bromide conversion to bromate studies.

Ozocan Corporation offers:
A complete line of ozone generating equipment specifically designed to satisfy the needs  within the commercial, industrial and municipal applications.

A complete line of ozone generator accessories, ranging from air supply and preparation to ozone monitoring and control.
A complete solution for process implementation which includes contact tanks, injection methods and off gas management.
Exceptional proven  performance in worldwide installations.
Over 50 years experience in ozone generator design, manufacturing and process implementation.

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