About Me
About Us

Ozocan Corporation is a leading manufacturer of Ozone Generators and Purifiers. Our Ozone Generators are used world wide in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

The Ozocan group has provided technology and service for over 55 years and continues to meet the needs of our customers
Our Mission

To provide solutions to the water and wastewater problems of our customers.

To contribute to the development of the environment in which clean leisure water may be enjoyed.


Continuing to attact and retain the best personnel in our industry and providing them with a rewarding, challenging and safe work environment.

Continuously enhancing and extending our leadership in our core competencies through innovation, integration and the application of eningeering, science and techology.

Anticipating future market demands and obtaining the technology and processes necessary to provide solutions to satisfy those requirements.

By meeting these needs, we will provide our sharholders, employees and customers with a superior return on their investment while treating our suppliers and the communities in which we operate with fairness, honesty and respect. 

Our Values

Ozocan is guided by strong Canadian values such as honesty, integrity, trust, and dependability. We believe that by providing a reliable, trust worthy product, that will help our clients succeed... and that "Your Success is Our Success".

We believe in being responsible and accountable for everything that we say and do. We strive daily to match our desires with our words and actions in order to maintain an impecable character both professionally and individually. In so doing, we have won the trust of our clients for many years and hope to continue to do so for many years to come.